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Learn more about available siding options and find the answers to your common siding project questions.

Learn About Siding Options Available in the
Owosso, MI Area

There isn’t one definitive material that will meet the needs of every siding project. Each project will have different budgets, design styles, and needs to be met, meaning it requires an expert’s assessment. Our professional siding contractors work with clients to suggest appropriate options that deliver the best possible results.
Thankfully, you don’t have to know all the answers to the questions you have about your siding project. The Delk Siding team is here to provide you with expert answers that empower you to make informed decisions about the options for your home exterior. We’ll make professional recommendations and suggestions as needed, but your word is law when it comes to final choices. Learn more about some of the residential siding options we offer.
Different types of siding have different product lifespans. Many types of siding, including vinyl siding and wood siding, can last for 20 to 40 years, although harsh weather conditions may require it to be replaced sooner.

However, lifespan is not the only thing to consider when it comes to product value. Various design styles and materials options will offer different aesthetic and functional benefits to a property. Get in touch with the siding experts at Delk Siding Solutions to determine the best choice for your exterior remodeling project.

Some upscale siding brands boast extra features, but not every building needs the shiniest, latest technology and high-end materials. There are plenty of beautiful, functional siding options that won’t break the bank. The Delk Siding team offers a wide range of popular name brands and reputable but lesser-known siding options to suit every budget and project.
James Hardie is a highly popular brand of siding known for durable, beautiful products and extensive warranties. They produce fiber cement products that offer homeowners and business owners long-lasting, low-maintenance siding exteriors. Fiber cement siding is made of cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers.

While many companies make fiber cement, the unique James Hardie blend is designed to perform better for both commercial and residential buildings. It’s been known to withstand intense weather conditions while retaining its beautiful appearance. James Hardie products even come in a variety of colors and styles to match your unique tastes.

LP SmartSide is a special type of siding constructed from engineered wood, a composite material that layers natural wood with artificial components. LP’s signature SmartGuard process treats each strand of wood with a unique blend of zinc borate, resins, and waxes, resulting in exceptionally strong and resilient siding boards.

These incorporated elements offer benefits such as resistance to fungal decay, termite damage, heavy impacts, fluctuating temperatures, extreme weather conditions, humidity, moisture, and other common problems.

LP SmartSide comes in a variety of styles and design options to suit your home or business perfectly.

One of the primary differences between the two brands is the weight of the signature materials. James Hardie uses fiber cement, which is a lot heavier than the wood strands used by LP SmartSide. This weight adds to the durability of James Hardie products, but the fiber cement requires more labor to install. Another advantage of James Hardie is that their fiber cement is famous for being highly resistant to fire and a variety of pests.

Both materials are highly rated and with good reason. If you’re interested in learning more and finding out which one is most suitable for your exterior repair or renovation project, contact Delk Siding today to get started!

You can learn more about our service areas here, but we serve cities in the greater Owosso area, including Lansing, Flint, Howell, and Brighton. If you’re close to this service range and are interested in hiring Delk Siding to work on your home improvement project, reach out to our team to see if we can help you!

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